Iran develops domestic agro-drones for crop dusting

Agro Drone

An Iranian knowledge-based company developed the machine in a science park in the capital, Tehran.

Agricultural drones can spray crops quickly, cheaply and with high precision, helping to protect human health when spraying pesticides.

“The Agro drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can be inexpensively used to pollinate and grow crops,” said a senior official involved in the project.

“These drones are capable of transporting 10- and 21-liter containers of pesticides, manure and various agricultural pesticides,” the official added.

“These drones are fast and powerful, and they can evenly spray pesticides on the ground, using 10 liters of liquid per hectare of land,” he added.

“Furthermore, the work can be done ten times faster than conventional methods,” the official explained.

“For example, up to 5 hectares of land can be sprayed with pesticides per day using traditional methods, but with these drones, up to 50 hectares per day can be sprayed,” he said.

“These drones have contributed significantly to water and pesticide conservation, so much so that water usage has been reduced by 98 percent and pesticide usage has been reduced by 30 percent,” the official said.

“The drones use a satellite system to move autonomously and evenly spread the pesticides on the soil so they don’t overspray and leave unsprayed areas,” the official added.

Source: Iran Front Page