Amazon going to start a pilot project for deliveries by drone in Lockeford, California this year

MK27-2 The latest design of delivery drone by Amazon

Amazon claims again that the company going to start the pilot project of deliveries by drones soon after it gets final regulatory approval.

The California town of Lockeford was chosen as an area where the project is going to start and where first consumers will be able to get goods delivered by air to their homes.

This is not the first and even not the second time when the company promises to start drone delivery, actually, it happened for years since 2013, but this time Amazon says that the service going to be expanded after its launch in Lockeford.

The drones will be programmed to leave the parcels in the clients’ backyards and aimed to deliver goods within one hour after purchase.

It is expected that drones will fly BVLOS and will use numerous sensors to avoid collisions.

Source: Amazon Blog