Volatus Aerospace introduces finance program for enterprise and industrial drone solutions

Volatus Aerospace Corp

Volatus Aerospace Corp. (TSXV: VOL) (OTCQB: VLTTF) (“Volatus” or “the Company”) today announced the introduction of a full-service financing program for enterprise and industrial drone equipment to help drone service providers, public safety agencies and industrial clients leverage the rapid evolution of related technologies.

The program includes rental, usage contracts, and customized funding arrangements for the sale of its Drone Solutions and will generally target transactions valued from $25,000 to over $2,000,000 with limits based on the creditworthiness of the client.

“According to a 2021 report by Markets&Markets, the global drone industry is experiencing strong growth with an overall 16.4% CAGR. Enterprise and industrial drones are leading the segment growing at 26%. We recognize that facilitating the rapid adoption of disruptive drone technologies for commercial, public safety and industrial clients requires access to reasonable financing options. However, many traditional lenders are simply unfamiliar with this evolving sector,” explained Abhinav Singhvi, Volatus CFO. “By offering full-service financing options with terms from 24 to 60 months, we are making it easier for our clients to invest in higher value assets and solutions.”

Glen Lynch, Volatus CEO added, “In addition to equipment and solution sales, Volatus is able to leverage our new programs to offer managed services using the most sophisticated drone solutions available. I consider this to be an important step to scaling the use of drone technology.”

“We are proud to partner with Volatus Aerospace to introduce this new financing program for enterprise and industrial drone equipment,” said François Nantel, President of Mitsubishi HC Capital Canada. “We understand that the right financing structure can be an important catalyst for project success. Therefore, this financing program will provide the necessary support to facilitate the accessibility of this evolving technology.”

More information on the program is available at volatusaerospace.com/equipment