Switzerland tested the Israeli surveillance drone Hermes 900 HFE

One of Israeli surveillance drones Hermes 900 HFE for Swiss Army

The Swiss Army did the first test flight of one of two Israeli surveillance drones Hermes 900 HFE (also known as ADS 15).

These two drones are the first shipment received in April from a total of six reconnaissance UAS purchased from Israel at a cost of $255 million for all.

It is expected that Hermes 900 HFE will be operated by the Swiss Army from the end of this year.

In accordance with the Federal Office of Armaments statement, the drone was launched from a military base at Emmen on Wednesday, Apr, 15 and spent in the air 70 minutes.

During the test flight, which was carried out under the support of the specialists of Israeli manufacturer Elbit, Hermes 900 HFE reached a speed of 180 kilometres per hour and a maximum altitude of 2,000 metres.

Hermes 900 HFE is nine metres long and has a wingspan of 17 metres and may be equipped with different sensors payloads for both day and night usage.

The UAS will be used for border control and in search and rescue operations.