Turkish BAYKAR Technology will donate 3 Bayraktar TB2 to Ukraine

Bayraktar TB2

Last week in Ukraine started a crowdfunding campaign named “The People’s Bayraktar” aimed to gather funds for three Bayraktar TB2 for Ukrainian Armed Force.

Those drones are one of the many severe needs to help them to protect their Motherland against russian aggression.

The campaign started on June 22 and was designed to raise UAH 500 million (approximately $14.3 million) in 7 days. But it finished on June 24 with the result of UAH 600 million (approximately $17.15 million).

When the management of BAYKAR Technology heard about such a significant result they were so touched by the solidarity of the Ukrainian People that took the decision to transfer those three drones to the Ukrainian Armed Force without any payments.

That was confirmed via the official Twitter account of BAYKAR Technology:

And re-confirmed by Selçuk Bayraktar CTO and co-owner of BAYKAR Technology: