Taiwan-made combat drone completes 10-hour test flight around ADIZ

Teng Yun 2 1812

As Liberty Times reports, on June 25, Taiwan-made combat UAV Teng Yun 2 No. 1812 took off from Chiashan Air Force Base in Hualien County in simulated airspace surveillance and reconnaissance mission.

During the test mission drone navigated around Taiwan island in the country’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ).

The entire flight time was 10 hours and 16 minutes, breaking the flight-time records for Taiwan-made drones and exceeding Teng Yun 2 first flight time more than 3 times.

The Teng Yun 2 is a tactical UAV designed by the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) as a support for the MQ-9B strategic drones Taiwan’s Ministery of Defence purchased from the US earlier.

The Teng Yun 2 is capable to carry different payloads beginning from surveillance sensors to AGM-114 Hellfire and other Taiwan-made counter-ship missiles and can carry out tactical surveillance or combat missions.

The NCSIST has produced overall four Teng Yun drone prototypes since 2016 in two generations – Teng Yun 1 and Teng Yun 2 accordingly. Teng Yun 2 differed from Teng Yun 1 that it is based on an American-made engine.

Amid the Russo-Ukrainian war breaking out, and rising tensions with China the Ministry of National Defense has also requested the NCSIST to expedite the research and development of such drones.