Turkey makes steps forward in the development and implementation of unmanned sea vessels

Sancar USV

Amid wide recognition of Turkey-made UAVs Turkish shipbuilders are trying to reach the same heights in creating unmanned sea vessels.

On June 2, 2022, Havelsan in cooperation with Yonca-Onuk JV launched a Sancar – an armed unmanned sea vessel (USV).

The Turkish Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) and the Havelsan/Yonca-Onuk team have already signed a procurement contract, according to which the first delivery of Sancar to the Turkish Army should take place in Q4 2023.

According to information provided by Havelsan Sancar USV has the following specifications:

Full length: 12.73 m

Width: 3.30 m

Maximum Speed: 40+ knots

Fuel Capacity: 820 Liters.

Range: +400 NM [email protected] knots

Boat Type: Deep V, Single Hull Sliding Type

Material: Vacuum Infusion advanced composite

Class: Turkish Lloyd, Patrol Boat

Sancar USV Ground Control Station

Also, the Sancar USV will be the first USV integrated with the ADVENT Combat Management System (CMS). It will perform remote control, autonomous navigation, and autonomous missions through the Ground Control Station (GCS).

Sancar USV

Sancar USV is designed for the following tasks:

  • Harbor/Base Protection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Intelligence
  • Reconnaissance
  • Surveillance
  • Patrol
  • Surface Warfare
  • Mine Countermeasures (MCM) missions

The final version of Sancar USV will be equipped with the following features:

  • Remote control
  • Autonomous navigation
  • COLREG-compliant collision avoidance
  • Autonomous return to base and autonomous mission execution
  • Emergency scenarios.