The Solar-powered UAS Airbus Zephyr has crossed the USA in one time flight

Airbus Zephyr

The Solar-powered UAS Airbus Zephyr with ZULU82 callsign has crossed the USA in a one-time flight.

ZULU82 turned on its transponder on June, 20 11-14 UTC after launch from Yuma Proving Ground.

The Flightradar24 shows that at the moment of turning on the transponder, Zephyr was already in the air for some time (probably not less than a couple of days).

When this article was written (June, 27 11-14 UTC), ZULU82 was over the Atlantic between Corpus Christi and Houston.

During this flight, according to Flightradar24 data, we can see a loop in the flight done near Tohono O’odham Nation Reservation in Arizona turning back to Yuma. The reasons for this maneuver are unclear but might be caused by technical issues.

In any case, the flight continued successfully and Airbus Zephyr crossed the USA on this flight with a flight time not less than 168 hours.